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Why I do what I do...

I have been making art for as long as I can remember. It started with drawing and painting, dabbling in jewelry making for a time before I found myself at home in clay. The smell of fresh clay as I open a new bag brings me back to when I was in elementary school. Even then, I was intrigued by this material. Taking a 2D sketch and turning it into a 3D form is magical.

Changing the shape by carving away material or adding texture adds both visual and tactile appeal. Inspired by nature, I often use the fluid line of a flower petal or a simple leaf shape as a starting point in form or surface decoration. The textures I use come from repeating shapes and patterns I see in the world around me. Whether it is a pattern on a window blind or wrought iron gate, I will often make a stamp and incorporate that design into my pieces.

I make pots for anyone who enjoys the imperfections of a handmade object. My intention is for them is for everyday use. Whether it was hand-built, thrown on the wheel, or a combination of the two, my approach shows the making of a pot. Exposed seams, pinch marks, or an uneven rim are all signs of the maker. That makes handmade pottery so unique when you can see where the artist has touched the clay. I appreciate nothing more than seeing a piece that is instantly recognizable as handmade.

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