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Well here we are, Easter Sunday and day 28 of our stay at home order from the NJ Governor. I have to say that all of this makes me sad. I worry about how things will be once the order is lifted. Will we want to go out to a restaurant? When will we feel comfortable NOT wearing gloves and a mask at the market? And all the disinfecting... it's just A LOT. And for me, someone who is prone to anxiety, all of this is quite stressful. But the good news -- I have been making lots and lots of pots! I post most of them on Instagram and have not been putting them into my Etsy shop because I don't think very many people are buying non-essential items right now. But I will continue to make pots and when this is all over, I will have a huge sale! Here is a peak at some of the new stuff:

This bottom photo is of the inside of the bowl above.

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