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Loaded my shop...

finally got around to putting more items in my shop this morning. i tend to spend my time making rather than listing which makes it a bit difficult to sell my stuff! lately, i have been carving designs into my pots and am having so much fun with that. i love how the glazes break over texture. i'm trying to find the perfect white glaze that isn't too shiny but i don't want complete matte either because it tends to be too dry for my tastes especially on the rim of a cup. lots of test tiles will be fired this week in hopes to find that perfect white.

also, i have been making "face pots". we saw some of these in sayulita, mexico last month and thought i would give it a try. they are really fun to make especially the noses! i have some mugs that are almost ready for the bisque. looking forward to seeing how these turn out since i am going to try some underglazes to enhance the facial features.

enjoy your day!

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