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Just out of the kiln...

Had my first full glaze firing and all turned out pretty well. With this firing, I used Amaco's Potter's Choice Glazes and find that they look better on darker clay bodies rather than white. The iron in the clay with the darker clay gives the glazes a much richer color. I think I will work mostly with darker clays and use white slip if I want to have a lighter "canvas" to work with. Conversely, I like lighter colored glazes. The darker glazes are just too dark for me and seem to take away from the beauty of the thrown pot and much of the texture can be lost. Here are a few that I liked:

The white plates and bowl were made with a dark clay, the lidded jars and cup were made with tan clay and the altered bottle is made out of porcelain. Now I am off to the studio to make more pots!

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