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My studio is finished! I am one lucky girl to have such a terrific natural light filled space to work in. Even better is that my son, Micah, has caught the "potter's bug" and is sharing the studio with me. He has picked it up pretty quickly and will surely "out pot" me in no time. You can see my husband's handy work with the ware shelves, workbenches, portable sink and even the tin wainscoating. Micah surprised me at Christmas with the "mud room" sign that he made. {love} Now it's time for me to get to work and put some new items in my shop! Stay tuned.

In case you are wondering, we have 2 studio pups. Ruby, who is a funny 4 year old french bulldog and Stanley, our newest member to our family. He's a 4 month old chocolate labradoodle and as sweet as can be.

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