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My Story

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Hello, my name is Linda Peterson. I am the potter at Mud n’ Biscuits Ceramics. Truth be known, this is a one-woman show so I am also the bookkeeper, stock girl, shipper, and janitor as well! You can be assured that there is a part of me in every aspect of this business.

For as long as I can remember, I have been creating art. I started with paints, and over time explored everything from mixed media to portrait painting. I had a brief fling with jewelry making before discovering clay.

It happened more than 10 years ago when I was living in Michigan. I became friends with a gal who owned a pottery studio and gallery. Before long, I was working with her as the art curator. I quickly became hooked on clay, and my life as a potter began.

Life has taken a few twists and turns since then, but my dedication to my craft has only deepened. In 2009 my family and I moved back to California where we had lived prior to living in Michigan. After working for a few years in jobs that didn't excite me, I decided to return to school to pursue an art degree with a concentration in ceramics.

After another move across the country in 2018 to beautiful Scotch Plains, NJ, I was able to build my very own pottery studio. It's 420 square feet of pure bliss. With tons of natural light and views of our backyard. I am one lucky girl to have this wonderful space in which to create!

Some of my work is wheel-thrown while others are hand-built. And sometimes, a combination of the two. This gives me so much creative freedom, where I can explore irregular shapes, simple and whimsical silhouettes, and amazing textures. I like nothing better than seeing a piece that is instantly recognizable as handmade.

I hope you enjoy my work, in the meantime, I will keep on making pots!

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